Discover Your Authentic Sexual Self

"Sexuality is one of the biggest parts of who we are."

-Carla Gugino

Have you ever wondered, is there more to sex and pleasure? Do you wonder if better fulfillment and being with a partner who is a true match is even possible? Do you need guidance and permission to explore?

By mid-life, many people have come to suspect that they are not being their authentic sexual self yet have little to no idea how to let go of the shame and fear that control them in order to explore and discover themselves. I have worked with many people who have struggled in this same way and understand how to give you the delicate balance of compassion, permission, and knowledge so you can safely and confidently explore your authentic sexuality.

When I began studying sex therapy, I could see that there was a something missing when I worked with those whose sexuality and interests were different from what was taught in text books and lectures as “the norm”. In the world of psychology, there is still largely a tendency to pathologize alternative forms of sexual expression, so I set out to learn more and talk to more people.

Discover New Ways of Thinking

Oftentimes, my patients have harshly wondered about themselves if they are “some sort of freak” because they are desiring fun, exciting sex outside typical norms. I don’t believe there is anything wrong or bad about consensual sex of any kind, and realize there is more variety than many of us were taught, and this lack of information may be leading some of us to feel depression and lacking in sexual expression and joy.

My sex-positive, non-judgmental approach allows you to ask and be answered, the questions you may have been too scared to share with others. If this is you and you have a desire for more sexual exploration and want to talk to someone about it, I will provide you a safe space to question and learn with me. My book, blogs, counseling and speaking engagements will hopefully inspire you to discover new ways of thinking, release shame, and blossom into your own unique form of sexual freedom.


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Meet Rhoda Lipscomb

Rhoda is a Licensed Professional Counselor, AASECT Certified sex therapist, ASCH Certification in clinical hypnosis, and Board Certified Clinical Sexologist specializing in individual therapy, and maintains a private practice in Greenwood Village, CO.

With over 20 years experience as a therapist, and specializing in sex therapy, she is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of patients. Among her areas of expertise are treating depression, anxiety, sexual functioning issues and alternative expressions of human sexuality.

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