Let’s talk about Sexual Functioning Difficulties

I am a big believer in the importance of the language we use when talking about challenging and difficult subjects. This is especially important when discussing sexual issues such as when our sexual functioning does not work the way we want or are used to. The medical and psychological community certainly does not help us with this issue. Common terms...[ read more ]

Video Conferencing Therapy for Open Relationships and More

With all the social distancing guidelines changing our everyday interactions, everyone is having to question just what they touch, be it an apple at the grocery store, or our partners. For those who are in relationships with more than one partner, this can mean restructuring every interaction. When it comes to exploring therapy together, what does that mean for us?...[ read more ]

How to Manage Jealousy and Insecurity in Open Relationships

Jealousy and insecurity are huge issues for people in romantic relationships, whether they have established a monogamous or open relationship. So, it is not surprising that when people are in the early phases of transitioning from strict monogamy to some type of open relationship, they are concerned with how they will manage these issues. Jealousy is the fear of being...[ read more ]

The Swinging Lifestyle in the age of COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 virus has become a global pandemic it has dominated the news both day and night. As the number of confirmed cases increase, along with the rising number of severe cases and deaths, the CDC and other public health officials are urging everyone to take this seriously. Schools, bars & restaurants, stores and even parks are closed,...[ read more ]

How Sex Positive Are You, Really?

In many open relationships and alternative sexuality communities, there is talk about being more “sex positive.” Considering the negative attitudes and beliefs we have all grown up with regarding sexuality in general, and alternative means of expression specifically, this is an admirable goal. However, this could be a more difficult task than many realize. Not only were we exposed to...[ read more ]

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

Happy New Year! I want to wish you a happy and successful 2020. The New Year is often a time when we reflect on where we are in in life and where we want to be. It’s the time many people make New Year’s resolutions in response to the changes they want to see. Yet time and again, we see...[ read more ]

Are you curious about whether an open relationship is right for you?

As a sex therapist who specializes in topics such as open relationships, I often talk with people who are curious and in the initial stages of exploring the thought of opening up their relationship. They often tell me how they are wanting more sexual variety and freedom yet want to know how to do this without destroying their existing relationship....[ read more ]

Understanding New and Old Relationship Energy

As both a sex therapist and a person who is in an open marriage, I love to share reliable knowledge about the subjects that come up around open relationships. One of these topics is the concept of old and new relationship energy. Open relationships allow us to enjoy the advantages of both types of energy, and they are both important...[ read more ]

What’s Stopping You from Following Your Desire for an Open Relationship?

I’ve been noticing a lot lately that there are a number of people who talk about their interest in non-monogamy for months or even years, yet never jump in. What is it that really holds them back? The answer is a number of things, which we will take a look in this article. I’d also love to hear your feedback...[ read more ]

How to Be Successful in an Open Relationship

What is the difference between those who are successful in an open relationship and those who aren’t? I am passionate about helping those who want to move into this successfully, because when it is done well, it can be an amazing, satisfying experience. I’ve also seen some absolute train wrecks in terms of failure, which just breaks my heart because...[ read more ]

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