Exercise Your Genitals to Improve Your Sexual Health

Many people have heard about Kegels or other PC (pubococcygeal) muscle exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. These exercises aren’t just for women, even though they are typically directed towards women’s use of them. After all, they not only tighten vaginal walls, it can increase sexual desire and help women better achieve and have stronger orgasms. In men, they...[ read more ]

Let’s Talk about Genitals

When you were a child, what names did your parents or parental figures give to your genitals? How about those of the opposite sex? How did those names change as you got older, such as when talking to peers, or even partners? In general, there is a great deal of societal discomfort in talking about genitals, and that reaches broadly....[ read more ]

3 Causes of Erection Problems and Who to See for Help

I don’t like the term “erectile dysfunction”, because this is an issue that happens to every man at some time in their life, therefore, I call it erectile difficulties, or erection problems. These erection difficulties are also varied in who they effect. Both young men in their twenties and thirties, as well as experienced men in their 60’s, as well...[ read more ]

Erection Issues with Open Relaitonships? Here’s Why

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about open relationships and the transition to them from monogamy. We address a number of topics in my private Facebook group, and one that was important to address was the issue of erection problems. In my practice as a therapist specializing in sex and healthy relationships, I have seen numerous couples and...[ read more ]

Too Many Rules? Not Enough? How Rules Help or Hurt Open Relationships

Early on when exploring an open relationship, it seems like setting rules is the right thing to do because it creates a sense of security. Opening the relationship does indeed create a new dynamic that can bring up insecurities and fear, and that in turn creates a need to control in order to feel safe again. Because one partner wants...[ read more ]

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Open Relationships

If you have been considering an open relationship and are ready to try, or if you have tried before and didn’t find it as successful as you’d like, I’d like to offer some suggestions from those of us who have learned the hard way. Just like anything in life, there is a learning curve, and when it comes to the...[ read more ]

14 Tips to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a large part in the success or failure of our relationships. Therefore, spending time to develop our emotional intelligence skills is a valuable venture. Incorporating all these new skills at once can be overwhelming, so I suggest choosing one that you think could make an impact, and start to implement it for a week. From there, choose...[ read more ]

Are Your Out of Control Emotions Killing Your Relationships?

If you struggle with your emotions, or the emotions of other people, you are not alone. In fact, nearly 2/3 of people are not able to understand the emotions they are feeling and react appropriately. Often when this happens, we feel out of control or that our emotions are in charge of us, rather than the other way around. Our...[ read more ]

How Do You Know What Style of Open Relationship is Best for You?

Sexuality is evolving for those who are open and curious about it. As I begin to launch a course for those looking at making a transition from monogamy to open relationships, I will be addressing some questions I get from those just new to exploring the possibility, or who have just begun their journey. For some this means they may...[ read more ]

From Monogamy to Open Relationships: Common Terms on Polyamory

As part of our new Facebook Group: A Successful Transition from Monogamy to Open, we are talking about a variety of topics within the realm of open relationships. While the group is designed for people who are exploring and considering an open relationship, or have been involved for years, I wanted to take some time to define some of the...[ read more ]

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