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Are you considering, or have you recently decided to open your relationship? Are you excited as well as somewhat nervous about making these kinds of changes? Are you enjoying the new-found freedom yet also feeling insecure, fighting more often and encountering situations that you do not know how to handle? Every year thousands of couples attempt to transition from a more traditional relationship style to some version of open which can be a challenging journey.

If this is you, then you have come to the right place! I have recently created a program for those making this type of relationship change and want some education and guidance to help them be more successful. Monogamy 2 Open is a program designed for people like you.

Most people need to design their relationships in unique ways that work for them and consider their specific needs. So, what will you get from this program? We will be addressing several important areas:
We begin by addressing and helping you understand “where you are.” It is helpful to take some time addressing what brings you to this change as well as look at how strong is your relationship foundation and are there any unresolved issues that need to be addressed first.

We discuss the various types of open relationship styles, help you understand your sexual personality types and the multiple issues that help you decide which open relationship style fits your needs.

Making this type of change can bring about a number of emotions that can come up when you least expect them. We look at these various emotions and help you learn how to manage them.

Communication is an important part of any successful relationship and when you begin to open a relationship communication becomes even more important. That is why communication skill improvement is woven throughout the program.

We explore and acknowledge the various messages about sex, love and relationships; which are often subconscious; and can easily become barriers to your success. These messages are learned at an early age from family, society and the media and need to be addressed to give you the best rate of success.

It is important to understand and completely negotiate the expectations and agreements under which you plan to operate in your new relationship style. Doing this well will help lessen your chance of irrational fights, power-plays and resentments from developing.

You will learn from the mistakes of other people who have successfully made these types of transitions and learn much from those who had to learn the hard way, how to make their unique relationship styles work.

Those who successfully learn to transition into the best type of open relationship for them, report more relationship satisfaction than before they made this change.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting and unique way of designing relationships, please join the private Facebook group Monogamy 2 Open. This will get you in on the ground floor for information regarding the program and it’s official launch (in the coming weeks…) plus you will start to learn from my videos teaching you the many aspects to help you be successful as well as from the discussions of those in the group, many of whom are experienced and seasoned open relationship individuals.

So, join today and start the journey.

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