Opening Your Monogamous Relationship? This is How I Help

Opening Your Monogamous Relationship? This is How I Help

When we make changes or transitions in our lives and decide to learn new things, we often need to seek out help from those with the experience and knowledge to guide us. This is true whether we are learning a new hobby, making a career change or starting a new business. It is also true when people are transitioning their relationship dynamic from traditional monogamy to some version of open relationship.

Let’s face it, making a major change in your long standing relationship can be difficult, especially when you need to learn new things such as how to communicate more effectively, renegotiate agreements, manage strong emotions, and navigate unique situations that are very different from anything you have done before – all things that become key in making the open relationship style the exciting, fulfilling experience you and your partner(s) desire.

Transitions Require Support

When I started changing my business model from that of a sex therapist to that of a sexuality coach/sexologist and author/speaker/trainer, I realized I needed help to teach and guide me towards a successful transition. I found myself encountering many areas and tasks I was not skilled in, or at least not well. I knew I needed to hire the right people to help teach me in order to shorten the learning curve, get me moving forward the right direction, and reduce my chances for mistakes.

What I Offer

Recently, my business coach asked me to write up the essential values unique to me and my business. Basically, she asked me what makes me unique in my field and what benefits I bring to people that would let them know if I am the right person to work with.

Here are the five core values that I stand for as a coach/trainer, to understand what I offer:

  1. Freedom – Those who work with me learn quickly that I value their freedom to find comfort with their unique sexual self and to find their own authentic self. I don’t have a certain way I need or want people to be – other than happy and healthy.
  2. Permission/Empowerment – Often I find when people come to me, they are seeking permission to explore and truly be themselves. I start with giving my permission and I teach them how to grow into their own power so they can give this permission to themselves as well.
  3. Expertise – I have a PhD in Clinical Sexology and 27+ years working in the field of human sexuality, with 13 of those years focusing on alternative sexuality. A coach must have the training and experience in working with others, while also understanding the core areas and issues within that to bring success.
  4. Trust/Compassion – Being able to create a safe space to share difficult, scary, and painful issues with me in confidence is important. My clients know and feel they are heard and cared for with respect.
  5. Guide/Mentor – While the academic and clinical expertise is important, the personal ‘real-life’ experiences can be difficult to understand unless they have been lived. I guide from this deeper place of understanding and have also learned a great deal from the communities I focus on because of my years of exposure and specialty focus within them.

While these are the core areas one can expect when working with me, the most important thing to consider is the personal sense of connection you feel.  I always tell people to talk with several coaches before making a final choice on who you want to work with on such important issues. In order to have your best experience, you need to feel a strong level of comfort to be fully emotionally vulnerable, and you must be able to trust that will be used to help you, not used against you.

If you are looking for help, I hope to be a resource to guide you to the success you desire. Please feel free to contact me and let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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