What’s Stopping You from Following Your Desire for an Open Relationship?

I’ve been noticing a lot lately that there are a number of people who talk about their interest in non-monogamy for months or even years, yet never jump in. What is it that really holds them back? The answer is a number of things, which we will take a look in this article. I’d also love to hear your feedback on what has stopped you, which you can leave on my Facebook Page.

What Stops Those Interested in Open Relationships from Jumping in?

Fear. The primary reason for the delay that I hear is that many people are afraid to admit they want something different. Others are afraid of what their partner with think of them or how their partner will react. Because the person doesn’t really know how to explain their interest, they just don’t share it. Fear holds them back.

Lack of Knowledge. The second reason I hear most often is the lack of knowledge. While there is a lot of information out there on the subject of open relationships, there is also a lot of misinformation. This misinformation can over emphasize risks, creating more fear; it can undermine common mistakes; and it can give incorrect information about what open relationships really are, how they work and the many ways they can be designed.

Overwhelm. On the flip side of this is the feeling of overwhelm. Some have dived into many resources to find there is so much information to sort through, that it leads to non-action. Some people choose to make no decision rather than risk making a mistake. With anything new, we take a risk in order to get the reward. Taking a risk can be difficult even when it’s what we want.

To create the life you desire and live a truly authentic and fulfilling life you have to take a risk, and learn from mistakes so you can continue to move forward towards the goals you have. And goals aren’t written in stone – they evolve over time. This is true with any and every aspect of life, not just sexuality.

The solution? Get Support!

There are lot of people who need a precursor for the training on how to engage in open relationships. So, if you feel like you are just starting to explore, and a training course is still farther away than what you are ready for, I recommend my book, available in both print and Kindle on Amazon. It’s designed for those just beginning to explore. The book helps you come to terms with your thoughts and desires and guides you along the path of defining those desires in order to explain them to your partner, and/or a therapist, if you choose.

If you’ve been exploring and are ready for more, I am happy to send you the free webinar link or private Facebook group on Transitioning from Monogamy to Open. These resources will help you to quit talking about being in a non-monogamous relationship and finally make it a reality. Contact me for more information.

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